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We are proud to provide our courses in both English or Portuguese.

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Join our top Portuguese campus offering Higher National Diplomas to kickstart your career goals! Our faculty, experts in their fields, provide a wide range of undergraduate courses with personalized advising and research opportunities. A Higher National Diploma offers practical skills and a solid foundation for career advancement, valued by employers worldwide. Enroll now for a comprehensive education and take the first step towards achieving your career aspirations!

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Leading Higher Education

Welcome to Prime Technical Institute, Portugal's premier institution for advanced technical education. With hands-on experience and expert faculty, we offer comprehensive courses in Sports Science, Business, Computing, Early Childhood Teaching, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, and Art & Design. Our modern campuses in Sintra, Estoril, and Lisbon provide a safe environment for skill development. Join us today to unlock your potential and pursue a promising future!

2 year course 

Prime Technical Institute offers a globally recognized two-year Higher National Diploma (HND) program, renowned for its high-quality higher education standards. Equivalent to the first two years of a university degree, our HND program enables students to seamlessly transition to degree completion, both domestically and internationally.

Upon successful completion of the first year, students attain a Level 4 Higher National Certificate (HNC) qualification. Progressing to the second year, students pursue studies at the Level 5 Higher National Diploma (HND) level. Graduates of our HND program have the option to enter the workforce or further their education through Level 6 Degree Top-Up programs at prestigious universities worldwide.

The Higher National Diploma is highly sought after by companies globally, adding significant value to any resume. Seize the opportunity to earn this esteemed qualification by joining Prime Technical Institute today and kick-start your journey towards a prosperous career.

Secondary / 
High School

Higher National Certificate (HNC)

1st Year | Level 4

Higher National Diploma (HND)

2nd Year | Level 5

Renowned Universities

3rd Year | Level 6

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