Higher National Diploma

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The Higher National Diploma (HND) in business is a comprehensive and hands-on business qualification designed for students who desire an alternative to a traditional Degree. It provides an opportunity for individuals to blend their studies with part-time employment.

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(course and enrollment takes place all year long)


Lisbon Campus 
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2 Years
Full Time or Part Time, Higher Education


Place where students can reside while attending the university
€ 3.500/ year


The intern will receive payment for their work during one month period


Enrolment/ Renewal fee
€500 + Insurance €100
- The annual tuition fee is set at €4680. 
- This can be settled in 8 installments.
- For every assignment, there is a charge of €80.
Please note: 
Each HNC and HND course requires a total of 8 assignments to be completed annually. 

​Higher National Diploma in Business

Independence. Lifestyle. Financial rewards.

Enroll in the best British Higher Education program for Business in Portugal offered by Prime Technical Institute, where theory and practical aspects are seamlessly integrated to give you the most comprehensive learning experience possible. In today's competitive job market, having a business degree is highly valued by employers across a wide range of industries. 

Whether you are looking to enhance your existing skills, gain a foundation in core principles of international business, or specialize in a particular market or role, there is a business diploma program at Prime College that matches your career goals.

By completing the HNC/HND in Business, you will have gained a solid understanding of fundamental principles and acquired the ability to apply them in a wider context. You will have developed critical thinking skills and be capable of evaluating different approaches to solving problems, enabling you to perform effectively in your chosen field and take on responsibilities in decision-making positions. 

With its focus on technical skills and practical application, the Higher National Diploma in Business offered by Prime Technical Institute is highly regarded by employers worldwide. It equips students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the 21st-century job market, making it a valuable and realistic pathway to advance your career.

Why Choose Business?

In Business, students are encouraged to develop a range of important skills which are transferable to any walk of life. Students can focus on their career aspirations or work area within the specification in which there are :

10 specialist pathways: : 

  • Agriculture & Horticulture Management 
  • Aquaculture & Pisciculture Management
  • Architectural Engineering Management
  • Aviation Management 
  • Business Management
  • Forest Landscape Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Marketing Management 
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • School Management

Level 4 courses come in the form of 1st year of a bachelor's programme or HNC (Higher National Certificate). Depending on the type of associate degree a student may be able to start their 2nd year of bachelor's (The course must be the same as the one they are applying for)

Level 4

Level 4 Higher National Certificate in Business

● Requires at least 120 credits = 8 units, each with a value of 15 credits.

● 6 core units and 2 optional units.

● Total qualification time = 1,200 hours.

● Total guided learning hours = 480 hours.

 Units at Level 4

Core Unit Mandatory - Unit credit (15 each unit)

  1. Business and the Business Environment 
  2. Marketing Processes and Planning
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Leadership and Management
  5. Accounting Principles 
  6. Managing a Successful Business Project 

Plus 30 credits from the level 4 optional units. - Optional Units ( 15 credits each optional unit): 

  • Business Law
  • Innovation and Commercialization 
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures 
  • Business Data and Numerical Skills
  • Executive Recruitment Solutions 
  • Managing the Customer Experience
  • Work Experience


Course Structure 1st Year Business HND Diploma  

The Level 4 Higher National Diploma in Business offers the equivalent of the first year of a bachelor's program or an HND. Here are some key details about the program:

  • The Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Business ( Level 4) is a qualification that provides students with foundational knowledge and skills in various aspects of business. Here is an outline of the course structure for the Higher National Certificate in Business:

    1. Unit Selection: To achieve a Higher National Certificate (HNC) qualification, students typically need to complete a total of 8 units. These units are chosen from a range of subjects related to business management and administration. The units can be a combination of core units, which are mandatory for all students, and optional units that allow for specialization in specific areas of interest within the business field. Each unit carries a credit value, and the total credit requirement for an HNC is typically around 60 credits. The units are selected from a range of subjects related to business management and administration.

    2. Core Units: The HNC program typically includes core units that are mandatory for all students. These units cover fundamental topics in business and provide a broad understanding of the subject.

    3. Optional Units: In addition to the core units, students have the opportunity to choose from a selection of optional units. These units allow students to specialize in specific areas of interest within the business field.

    4. Credit Requirements: The HNC qualification requires students to earn a specific number of credits. Each unit is assigned a credit value, typically ranging from 15 to 30 credits. The total credit requirement for the HNC varies but is typically around 60 credits.

    5. Guided Learning Hours: The guided learning hours for each unit provide an estimate of the time students are expected to spend on learning activities, including lectures, tutorials, and independent study. The total guided learning hours for the HNC program can vary but are typically around 400-500 hours.

    6. Assessment: Assessment methods can include written assignments, practical tasks, projects, presentations, and examinations. The specific assessment criteria and methods may vary depending on the units chosen.

    The Higher National Certificate in Business serves as a foundation for further education or employment opportunities in the business sector. It provides students with essential knowledge and skills necessary to pursue higher-level qualifications or entry-level positions in various business-related roles.By successfully completing the Level 4 Higher National Diploma in Business, students will have acquired essential knowledge and skills necessary for pursuing higher education or entering the business workforce.


    Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Business

    The Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Business is equivalent to the second year of a bachelor's program or an HND. Here are the key details about the program:

    • To complete the Level 5 HND, students must earn a minimum of 120 credits. They can choose 6 or 8 units, with each unit carrying a value of either 15 credits or 30 credits.

    • The program consists of 6 core units that are mandatory for all students. These units cover important topics such as research projects and organizational behavior.

    • In addition to the core units, students are required to choose 4 optional units from a range of subjects including business law, innovation and commercialization, entrepreneurial ventures, business data and numerical skills, operations management, managing the customer experience, professional identity and practice, and work experience.

    • The total qualification time for the Level 5 HND is 1,200 hours, including all learning activities, assignments, projects, and assessments throughout the program.

    • Guided learning hours for each subject/unit amount to 60 hours. These hours involve directed and supported learning activities led by tutors or instructors.

    The Level 5 HND in Business provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the business field and the opportunity to specialize in specific areas of interest. It equips students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding to succeed in the business industry.


    The internship program offers students the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world settings. Through this practical experience, students gain valuable insights into professional business practices and develop a comprehensive understanding of different departments within a company. It also helps students identify their career goals and enhances their social skills through interactions with employees.

    Internship experience holds great significance in today's competitive job market, as companies highly value candidates who have developed themselves in various fields. It provides graduates with an advantage during the recruitment process.

    To graduate from Prime Technical Institute, students are required to complete a minimum of 15 days of internship experience in a company approved by the Internship Committee. Eligibility for an internship requires completion of a minimum of 150 ECTS of courses. During the internship, students are expected to identify problems within the company, propose solutions, analyze connections between their courses and practical tasks, and compile a report detailing their experiences.

    The internship component at Prime Technical Institute bridges the gap between academic knowledge and real-world application, preparing students for successful careers in their chosen fields.

    Progression to Higher Education and Employment

    Upon successful completion of the Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Business, students have various options for progression. They can choose to continue their education at esteemed universities such as the University of Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire New University, Teesside University, University of Sunderland, Buckinghamshire New University, University of Huddersfield, London Metropolitan University, Oxford Brookes University, University of Gloucestershire, University of Worcester, University of South Wales, or Cambridge University.

    Alternatively, students may opt to continue their studies at Prime Technical Institute and complete their Degree Top-Up program at Level 6. This program offers further academic and professional advancement opportunities within the business sector.

    Head of Business Course

    Edith Reina

    Economics BSc (Hons)

    Head of Teaching Course

    Francisco Saraiva

    PHD (Mechanical Engineering)

    Head of Sport Science Course

    Diogo Baldo

    Sport Science BSc (Hons)

    Head of Computing

    Yogesh Kushwaha

    Masters in Computer Application