The BTEC Level 4 Higher National Certificate (HNC) is a broad-based practical business qualification which is intended for students who are seeking an alternative to a Foundation Degree or Degree and who wish to combine study and part-time work.

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​Higher National Diploma

Independence. Lifestyle. Financial rewards.

Enroll in the best British Higher Education program for Business in Portugal offered by Prime Technical Institute, where theory and practical aspects are seamlessly integrated to give you the most comprehensive learning experience possible. In today's competitive job market, having a business degree is highly valued by employers across a wide range of industries. 

Whether you are looking to enhance your existing skills, gain a foundation in core principles of international business, or specialize in a particular market or role, there is a business diploma program at Prime College that matches your career goals.

By completing the HNC/HND in Business, you will have gained a solid understanding of fundamental principles and acquired the ability to apply them in a wider context. You will have developed critical thinking skills and be capable of evaluating different approaches to solving problems, enabling you to perform effectively in your chosen field and take on responsibilities in decision-making positions. 

With its focus on technical skills and practical application, the Higher National Diploma in Business offered by Prime Technical Institute is highly regarded by employers worldwide. It equips students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the 21st-century job market, making it a valuable and realistic pathway to advance your career.

Why Choose Business?

In Business, students are encouraged to develop a range of important skills which are transferable to any walk of life. Students can focus on their career aspirations or work area within the specification in which there are :

Five specialist pathways: : Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Agriculture,

Level 4 courses come in the form of 1st year of a bachelor's programme or HNC (Higher National Certificate). Depending on the type of associate degree a student may be able to start their 2nd year of bachelor's (The course must be the same as the one they are applying for)

Level 4

Level 4 Higher National Certificate in Business

● Requires at least 120 credits = 8 units, each with a value of 15 credits.

● 6 core units and 2 optional units.

● Total qualification time = 1,200 hours.

● Total guided learning hours = 480 hours.

 Units at Level 4

Core Unit Mandatory - Unit credit (15 each unit)

  1. Business and the Business Environment 
  2. Marketing Processes and Planning
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Leadership and Management
  5. Accounting Principles 
  6. Managing a Successful Business Project 

Plus 30 credits from the level 4 optional units. - Optional Units ( 15 credits each optional unit): 

  • Business Law
  • Innovation and Commercialization 
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures 
  • Business Data and Numerical Skills
  • Executive Recruitment Solutions 
  • Managing the Customer Experience
  • Work Experience


Course Structure 2nd Year 

Level 5 courses come in the form of the 2nd year of a bachelor's programmes or an HND (Higher National Diploma). Depending on the type of associate degree a student may be able to start their 3rd year of bachelor's (The course must be the same as the one they are applying for). 

Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Business

● Requires at least 120 credits = choose 6 or 8 units, each with a value of 15 credits or 30 credits.

● 6 core units and 2 optional units.

● Total qualification time = 1,200 hours.

● Total guided learning hours = 60 guided hours/subject.

● All units are at Level 5

Units at Level 5

Core Unit Mandatory -

  1. Research Project -    Unit credit (30  units)
  2. Organisational Behaviour - Unit credit (15 units)

Choose 4 optional units - 

  • Business Law
  • Innovation and Commercialisation 
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures 
  • Business Data and Numerical Skills 
  • Operations Management 
  • Managing the Customer Experience
  • Professional Identity and Practice 
  • Work Experience


Progression to both Higher Education and employment

The course is designed to replicate the Business working environment, therefore you will; Gain a broad understanding of business and be able to study selected areas in more depth. Develop skills, knowledge, and understanding of business. Have an opportunity to apply learning in a practical and realistic way. Follow a programme of study which enables progression to both higher education and employment within the business. Develop personal, learning, and thinking skills, which are highly valued by employers and universities. Gain confidence through developing independent learning skills.


With the internship, students will experience the application of theoretical knowledge that they gain during the previous semesters. Internship experience gives students insight into professional business practices, helps them to have a comprehensive understanding of different units of a company, identifies their career goals and it offers an opportunity to improve their social skills by interacting with employees in the companies. Moreover, nowadays, companies attach great importance to internship experience and give more chances in the recruitment process to graduates who have developed themselves in different fields. 

To graduate from the Prime International College Business Administration Department, students have to have a minimum of 20 days of internship experience in a company approved by the Internship Committee among the other graduation requirements.  To start an internship, all students have to complete a minimum of 150 ECTS of courses. Students are expected to provide the following; 

  • To identify a problem at the company and offer solutions;

  • To identify similarities and dissimilarities between the courses and the performed business activities during the internship;

  • To write a report about experiences and give a presentation before the Internship Committee.
  • Students who successfully completed Higher National Diploma in Business qualification can progress onto Degree Top-Up programme Level 6 course at many universities such as University of Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire New University, Teesside University, University of Sunderland, Buckinghamshire New University, University of Huddersfield, London Metropolitan University, Oxford Brookes University, University of Gloucestershire, University of Worcester, University of South Wales, Cambridge University, etc.

Head of Courses 

Head of Courses function are a key component of the management of the educational program leading to the Higher National Diploma of Business and Sport Science Course . 

Head of Business Course

Edith Reina

Economics BSc (Hons)

Effective member of the order of economists -  Professional registration 14505

CADAPI - Senior Management  and International Cooperation Course

ESHTE with Cornell University - Post Graduate in International Hotel Management

Master's in Art and Education - Open University

IMAP Conflict Mediation Course

Consul General from the Federal Republic of Central America 1997-2010

Duple Diploma in Portuguese 

C2 Diploma Spanish and French 

Head of Sport Science Course

Diogo Baldo

Sport Science BSc (Hons)

knew where his future lay from a tender age - becoming a PE teacher and a football coach. 

His unwavering dedication to this goal ensured that he focused all his energy on and completed a broad range of courses, ensuring he improved his skills and knowledge. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, a Post Graduation in High-Performance Football Coaching, and a Master’s Degree in Sport Education. 

He has worked for the Cascais City Hall as coordinator of the youth volunteer programme “Sports Volunteer” and worked on some of the biggest sports events to be hosted in Portugal: Iron Man, Volvo Ocean Race, and many more. He joined the team of Prime School International in 2017 and his main teaching ethos is to aid all his students in growing and developing a healthy mind and body for life.