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Sewage Treatment Plant Operator


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What does a Water Treatment Plant Operator do?

Sewage Treatment Plant Operator typically do the following:

  • Operates sewage treatment, sludge processing, and disposal equipment in wastewater treatment plant to control flow and processing of sewage: Monitors control panels and adjusts valves and gates manually or by remote control to regulate flow of sewage.
  • Observes variations in operating conditions and interprets meter and gauge readings and tests results to determine load requirements.
  • Starts and stops pumps, engines, and generators to control flow of raw sewage through filtering, settling, aeration, and sludge digestion processes.
  • Maintains log of operations and records meter and gauge readings.
  • Gives directions to WASTEWATER-TREATMENT-PLANT ATTENDANTS and SEWAGE-DISPOSAL WORKERS in performing routine operations and maintenance.
  • May collect sewage sample, using dipper or bottle and conduct laboratory tests, using testing equipment, such as colorimeter.
  • May operate and maintain power generating equipment to provide steam and electricity for plant.
  • May be designated according to specialized activity or stage in processing as Activated-Sludge Operator; Grit-Removal Operator; Pump-And-Blower Operator; Sludge-Control Operator; Sludge-Filtration Operator.
With increasing environmental concerns and legislations, waste water treatment is a mandate to continually improve the discharge standards and lower environmental hazards; TEIL offers sustainable solutions for treatment of all types of waste water.

We provide complete solutions for effluent treatment, common effluent treatment and sewage treatment which comprises physical, chemical & biological treatment based on advanced technologies. With over hundred successfully operating installations, our designs offer highly economic plant installation & operation, lowest footprint area, minimal waste generation and treats water to the specified standards.

Teaching Content

  • Water Chemistry
  • Impurity of Water
  • Sewage Treatment System
  • Sewage Plant Operation
  • Conditions
  • Flowchart
  • Diagram
  • Use of Biomass and Rass
  • Operation System

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